Bring Fake News into the World is an evaluative research study that explored how principles of authentic art education can be implemented in Dutch elementary schools. Central to the evaluation were the pupils’ responses elicited in the first lesson of a lesson series about fake news and socially engaged art, designed by generalist teachers according to the method of lesson study. The lesson series was executed in 15 Dutch schools and evaluated through observations, observer questionnaires, worksheets, and learner reports. Through both statistic and qualitative analysis, the study sheds light on how state-of-the-art content matter can be applied in elementary schools and how pupils are encouraged to develop cross-curricular skills in art class. The empirical data underline how generalist teachers can design and implement art education that addresses topical societal issues, makes meaningful connections with contemporary art and popular culture, and appeals to 21st-century skills, including critical thinking and creativity.

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