Anna Frajlich's poetry accords a special place to themes of time, change, journeys, exile, home and habituation, tamed landscapes and remembered objects, spaces lost and regained. In this poetics of the transitory we see the influence of Frajlich's autobiography, which plays an important role in her work. Reflection on current events is combined with memories, which in turn creates a particular atmosphere of ecstatic joy and traumatic experiences. The author's Heraclitean poetry speaks about impossible returns, but it is precisely the confrontation with one's past that is among the first tasks involved in the search for one's place in the world. This rhythm of thematic return is an important feature of her work. Frajlich sometimes references real events, playing out on the larger canvas of collective history, but more often she crosses into her private realm. In Anna Frajlich's poetics the contrast of duration and dramatic changes are very important, as well as the play between the apology of life and the melancholic feelings of loss. In this poetry the effect of time is perceived sensually. In Frajlich's creative works biographic events that have been lost are retrieved by means of the artistic word. Reflection on time in her poems involves adventures of consciousness and deliberations over things in a state of flux.

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