The claim “We want visibility” can not only be made for the representation of non-European areas and states but arises within the European continent as well. The contribution enquires about the representation of the history of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth before the division of Poland before 1772 in Swiss history textbooks. There only can be found fragmentary references. Thereby, one has to put more specific questions as to which of the references in the textbooks have related and still relate to the history of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, as to what is lacking and also what loss in knowledge and orientation is connected with this for the pupils and students in Switzerland. At a larger scale the questions arise as to how the Early Modern era has been conveyed in Swiss textbooks in spatial terms and still is. It is thereby not irrelevant what in fact is omitted. In the case of the strong neglection of the Central European area of the Early Modern Times in general and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in particular in Swiss textbooks, one takes the risk of hardly being able to create the awareness for a European diversification.

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