When Anna M. Cienciala, professor emerita of history at the University of Kansas, died unexpectedly in December 2014, the loss was respectfully acknowledged in an obituary notice in The Polish Review (vol. 60, no. 1, 2015), as befit her stature in the field of Polish and eastern European history. But the suggestion quickly emerged that the passing of someone so prominent in the history of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America and its journal called for something more, so I invited a number of scholars and acquaintances to offer contributions to an issue of the Review that would be largely dedicated to a tribute to her career. The response was more than generous. In fact, word got around, and we received additional submissions, unsolicited but fully welcome and worthy of inclusion, motivated by spontaneous respect for the accomplished historian and mentor being honored. The result is the following section, the collaboration of ten colleagues, friends, beneficiaries, and admirers of Professor Cienciala.

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