The main and most important subject of the article is Rafał Malczewski, who in the interwar period belonged to the elite of the Warsaw intelligentsia. He was successful as a painter, writer, and journalist, collaborating with the most prestigious magazines of the time. The article focuses on Malczewski’s literary output in exile following World War II, after he had settled in Montreal in 1942. Relying primarily on Rafał Malczewski’s correspondence with the poet Jan Lechoń and with the editor in chief of the London publication Wiadomości, the article shows the important role in Malczewski’s life of literary work, which saved him from existential apathy and depression. He collaborated with Wiadomości, one of the most important Polish literary magazines published in exile after World War II. The correspondence between Malczewski’s partner of many years, Zofia Mikucka-Malczewska, and Mieczysław Grydzewski, describes the events surrounding the creation of the special issue of Wiadomości devoted to the writer.

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