Based on the book: Andrzej Przewoźnik and, Jolanta Adamska, Katyń. Zbrodnia, Prawda, Pamiƙć [Katyń. Crime, Truth, Memory]; Preface by Jerzy Buzek, Introduction by Jolanta Adamska (Warsaw: Świat Książki, 2010), 672 pp. incl. index, illustrations. ISBN 978-83-247-1; Nr 7823. Andrzej Przewoźnik (1963-2010) accomplished more in his short life than most individuals. A historian, he devoted himself to memorializing the Katyń massacre, on Stalin’s orders in the spring of 1940, of thousands of Polish officers, policemen and civilians held in special camps and NKVD prisons. His book on Katyń, reviewed here, is the most detailed account so far of the antecedents, the crime, its investigation, and his role in the exhumations, negotiations for war cemeteries and their construction. He died near Katyń, with ninety-five others, in the crash of the Polish presidential plane at Smolensk on April 10, 2010. He has memorial tablets in several Polish towns; this review article is a memorial to him in English.

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