As the articles in this special issue have shown, the North American Society for Sport History (NASSH), and the discipline of sport history more broadly, has changed in many ways over the past fifty years. Since 1974, NASSH has published the Journal of Sport History (JSH), which includes peer-reviewed, primary-sourced, and historiographical articles; book, film, and museum reviews; research notes; and forums dedicated to the history of sport and physical culture. Throughout its near half-century run, the JSH has established itself as one of the leading platforms for such scholarship. The journal also provides a lens into the changes that have happened in the field of sport history and within NASSH over time. This article provides a brief timeline of the early years of the JSH, along with an overview of its editorship history. Furthermore, the article examines scholarship throughout the run of the journal and discusses current issues and future directions. Finally, we conclude by sharing our concerns and hopes for the future of the JSH and NASSH.

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