With an intense desire to improve the conditions of his native Harlem, New York, Holcombe Rucker established the city’s first summer basketball league and tournament. He established these activities because he believed his community deserved better. Rucker’s passion for teaching and mentoring young people through basketball consumed his short life. The sacrifices he made for Harlem, the lives of countless youth, and the game of basketball deserve more recognition. His spirit and legacy should not reside only on the basketball courts of Rucker Park. True to his motto of “Each One, Teach One,” each time someone he taught instilled those lessons in another person his spirit is revived, and his legacy is reborn. Investigation into Holcombe Rucker’s life and his mission to give the children of his community a better chance at overcoming their disadvantages serves as a reminder that he was a man who inspired a generation to reach beyond what it ever thought possible.

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