Documents, Volume 12 is the last of the twelve-volume set of documents in The Joseph Smith Papers. It is broken into four parts, reaching from March 1 to July 29, 1843. Included are historical outlines of Smith's life and an informative introduction for each document. Most of the documents are letters, some are discourses, and the rest miscellaneous business.

A few prominent men wrote about land or other properties: John M. Bernhisel, Isaac Galland, James Arlington Bennett, Abraham Jonas, Sidney Rigden of the First Presidency, Horace Hotchkiss, Benjamin F. Johnson, Apostle John E. Page, and James Adams. Sarah Ann Whitney, Emma Smith, and three other women also wrote. Most of the letters were from lesser-known people.

Part 1: March 1843 has in it twenty-four letters (only seven of them outgoing letters), conference resolutions in Boston, minutes of a business meeting in Macedonia (previously known as Ramus), a discourse encouraging...

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