This article addresses the educational hackathon as an innovation pedagogy method for developing entrepreneurship competence. Specifically, it focuses on the design and execution of the hackathon. This study is based on the ideas that entrepreneurship competence can be learned and taught, and educational hackathons are a specific type of innovation contest, which as a practical method can be used to induce practical entrepreneurial experiences. The paper reports a case study in the teaching of a higher education institution. We present both the hackathon process description along with students' outcome according to Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, EntreComp, and feedback, that is, suggestions for developing the method. By presenting conclusions for both academic use and the practical design of hackathons in entrepreneurship education, the paper clarifies the literature of innovation pedagogy as an intertwined part of entrepreneurship education, as well as hackathons as a type of innovation pedagogy method for developing entrepreneurship competence in university-industry collaboration in Finland.

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