This is among the first studies to examine Finnish Generation Y. The purpose of this qualitative study is to examine Finnish Millennials' work engagement by analyzing their perceptions of motivational factors at work. The article also compares those perceptions on the part of working and non-working Millennials. The method of empathy-based stories (MEBS), developed by Jari Eskola, a Finnish sociologist, was adopted in collecting the data via social media (Facebook). The findings are in line with previous studies that have addressed Millennials' preferences in their working life, for example, work environment, social connections, job content, and flexibility. Non-working Millennials mentioned more clearly either vigor or dedication concerning the elements of work engagement, whereas the stories from working Millennials were mixed between these two dimensions of engagement, namely vigor and dedication. Thus, the perceptions of work engagement might differ depending on the work situation. In addition to using an innovative data-collection process in terms of harnessing social media and utilizing a relatively rarely used method in the business field, the study provides new insights through its examination of Generation Y. The paper suggests that Generation Y should not be viewed as a homogenous group, and future studies should concentrate on the possible distinctions among Millennials.

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