It has become almost a cliché to note the impact of our global economy on a field of study, yet the obligatory nod to the relevance of globalization is often pro forma and shallow. The antidote to the surface level treatment of these issues is Charlotte Blattner's timely and careful examination of the way that globalization and animal law intersect. At bottom, it is a call to appreciate the vast repercussions of globalization for animals and the “need for solutions freed from territorial” limits (p. 81).

The book covers a tremendous amount of material in considerable depth, and no brief review could adequately summarize the topics covered. Like the law of jurisdiction itself, the book tackles “questions that defy succinct summation” (p. 11), so by necessity this review will focus on a few of the book's key contributions.

A central claim of the book is that persons are now properly...

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