In Frankenstein Was a Vegetarian: Essays on Food Choice, Identity, and Symbolism, Michael Owen Jones adds to the growing legitimacy of foodways as a means to better understand culture, society, and social change. This collection of essays—all previously published between 2000 and 2020—provides insights on topics often unexplored in academic folklore, from symbolism on the political campaign trail to religious bigotry within the US prison system. Moreover, this is one of the first publications to include the impact of COVID-19 through food, making it a notable addition to one's personal collection or classroom booklist.

By analyzing foodways through a folklorist's lens, Jones explores not only the personal, everyday interactions of food, including preservation and sharing, but also the understanding of health, politics, and group identity. Throughout the book, Jones explains how food affects larger cultural, social, political, and economic issues.

The book's first nine essays engage with food through...

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