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Current Issue
Volume 43,
Issue 1
Fall 2023

About the Journal

The Journal of American Ethnic History (JAEH) addresses various aspects of North American immigration history and American ethnic history, including background of emigration, ethnic and racial groups, Native Americans, race and ethnic relations, immigration policies, and the processes of incorporation, integration, and acculturation. Each issue contains articles, review essays, and single book reviews. The Journal also features occasional scholarly forums, "Research Comments" (short essays that furnish important information for the field, a guide to further research, or other significant historical items that will stimulate discussion and inquiry), and "Teaching and Outreach" essays which focus on innovative teaching methods or outreach efforts. The Journal also publishes special issues grouping articles and essays on particular or specific topics or themes.

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Immigration and Ethnic History Society

Join the Immigration and Ethnic History Society

The Immigration and Ethnic History Society’s stated purpose is to promote the study of the history of immigration to the United States and Canada from all parts of the world, including studies of the background of emigration in the countries of origin; to promote the study of ethnic groups in the United States, including regional groups, native Americans and forced immigrants; to promote understanding of the processes of acculturation and of conflict; to furnish through the Immigration and Ethnic History Newsletter information as to research, organizations, meetings and publications in the field of immigrant history; to help organize sessions on immigration and ethnicity at meetings of learned societies; and generally to serve the field of immigration-ethnic history with special reference to professional scholarship. The Society has over 500 members, approximately evenly divided between individuals, mostly academic scholars, and institutions, mostly libraries and research institutions. The Society publishes the Journal of American Ethnic History, which appears quarterly and has been published since 1981, and its Newsletter, published twice yearly since 1968. It holds an annual meeting and dinner in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Organization of American Historians. It organizes and sponsors sessions on immigration and ethnic subjects at various academic conferences. It also sponsors awards for outstanding books and articles and an award to encourage promising dissertation research. The Society is a member of the Association of North American Immigration Institutions (ANAII)."

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