The focus of this article is on the social and personal development of children. The essay's point of departure is a specific idea about holistic personal development in the classroom with reference to the philosopher Michel Serres. A historical perspective will be added by the concept of the bildungsreise (in French, Le Grand Tour; in English, educational or cultural journey). This perspective allows us to raise the question of how the idea of increasing self-awareness, coping with life challenges, and the tuning of long-standing aspirations through an educational journey can be related to the concepts of bildung (German) and bildning (Swedish). To understand bildning, a girl's survival in a wide, mystical forest in Astrid Lindgren's novel Ronia, the Robber's Daughter will be sketched as an example of a bildningsresa. A bildningsresa differs somewhat from a bildungsreise. We subsume bildungsreise and bildningsresa under the concept of the educational journey, with the awareness that this term has its own history that we cannot thematize. Modelling the idea of bildung and bildning within the glocalized world, the idea of an educational journey will be connected to personality development in the classroom, seen in Serres's terms.

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