Int. Fort Leavenworth Prison Cell, Nighttime.

A man lays sleeping in bed, by his lonesome. The man in bed is Private Francis Orestes. He is in his early 20s, tall with a medium build, dark blond hair, and hazel eyes. His generally handsome features have been dampened by rather severe bruises and cuts. Parts of his torso are clearly bandaged. He tosses violently in his sleep, dreaming of quiet horror.

The clanking of pipes audibly rustles.

Int. Prison Psychiatrist's Office, Daytime, Orestes and Euterpe Sit Across from One Another.

Francis Orestes sits in a room reminiscent of a high school guidance counselor's office, with the additional features of a prison.

Orestes sits with both his arms and legs crossed, even though he is chained to the floor, making the position uncomfortable.

Across a cluttered desk sits Doctor Valentina Euterpe. She is thin with brown hair and poses average height. She...

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