Maria Rita D'Aviera is an independent scholar. She graduated in 2017 in Eastern and Western Cultures, focusing on North American culture. Her attention was first devoted to the Native American inquiry on James Welch's last novel. In 2020, she obtained a master's degree on Italian American literature, particularly Luigi Donato Ventura's works. She is now working on the very beginning of the Italian American literary production.

Dennis Barone is the author of Beyond Memory: Italian Protestants in Italy and America, Second Thoughts and A Field Guide to the Rehearsal. He is editor of New Hungers for Old: One-Hundred Years of Italian-American Poetry.

Annette Januzzi Wick is a writer, teacher, public speaker, and the author of two memoirs on love and loss, I'll Be in the Car and I'll Have Some of Yours. A combination of Italian roots, small-town footholds, and urban living, her award-winning writings span the...

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