Responding in Prayerful Obedience to the Command of Jesus since 1998

Crystal cordial glasses and champagne flutes,
Christmas bunny mugs and XXL sweaters, toasters
and peacoats, cookie tins and cutlery: everything's 3/4’s off.
The day before was stormy.
I wondered how we'd managed to avoid
the silver firs and lodgepole pines raining down on Highway 6.
According to archeologists, the Last Supper
consisted of bean stew, olives, fish sauce, lamb,
and unleavened bread. Though Da Vinci painted Jesus
and his apostles feasting at a long rectangular table,
in fact they reclined like Romans. Heraclitus asks,
How, from a fire that never sinks or sets, would you escape?
At His Supper Table, we fill two paper sacks.
I don't know four months from now shoreline temperatures
will rise to 125 degrees, killing billions of mussels, clams, barnacles,
sea stars, and oysters, that thousands
of fledging birds will jump from their...

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