The following three poems are by Featured Poet Martha Silano:

pulls into the harbor, the lichens say luck, say love,
sing a funereal song I thought I knew
but don't, still don't.
When this boat my body meanders into the calm,
the bare willows do not shake or turn
but say with their buds
the woods are filled with the promise of robins,
with crossbills grasping the ends of branches
till the branches bow down.
When I enter the harbor, a loon waves its foot
so I wave my foot back, do a mollusk dance,
write a poem in the seaweedy sand.
It's impossible to know how to punctuate dusk, conjugate
a cormorant. When I let my sails down,
a harbor seal waves from the waves.
I have lived too long with a rudder that refuses to steer
except toward the line from an old folksong: Dance
to your daddy,...

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