Airaksinen, Timo: Supernatural Morality in Berkeley's Passive Obedience 351

Ben-Moshe, Nir: On Wittgenstein's Notion of a Surveyable Representation: The Case of Psychoanalysis 391

Bogiaris, Guillaume: Machiavelli's Philosophical Fictions 223

Christensen, Anna B.: The Suicidal Philosopher: Plato's Socrates 309

Corrias, Anna: Spinning the Whorl of the Spindle: Marsilio Ficino on Plato's Myth of Er in the Argumentumin Platonis Respublicam 39

Fields, Keota: Berkeley on Perceptual Discrimination of Physical Objects 163

Harrop, Stephen: On Some Leibnizian Arguments for the Principle of Sufficient Reason 143

HPQ Announcement: Essays in the History of Contemporary Philosophy 281

Kent, James: Reason and Emotion: R. G. Collingwood on Magic 263

Klemick, Griffin: C. I. Lewis Was a Foundationalist after All 77

Murphy, Allison: Perceiving Life as Good and Our Own: Aristotle on Sunaisthēsis 101

Paddock, Caroline: Should Aristotelians Endorse the Harm Principle? 21

Rescher, Nicholas...

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