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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 3
October 1, 2023

About the Journal

Diasporic Italy: Journal of the Italian American Studies Association (DI) is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the Italian American / Diaspora, focusing on timely and varied approaches to criticism and analysis of the field by presenting new perspectives and research on transnational issues. Published by the University of Illinois Press, it is the official publication of the Italian American Studies Association, replacing the annual Conference Proceedings. Interdisciplinary in nature, DI publishes in all aspects of the arts, humanities, social sciences, and cultural studies, and is particularly interested in comparative studies, pedagogy, and translation. Additionally, the journal encourages submissions on movement to, from, and within Italy conceptualizing all aspects of the diaspora including inter-coloniality and post(-)colonialism. The journal does not publish creative works outside of translations, nor book or media reviews.

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Italian American Studies Association

About the Italian American Studies Association

The Italian American Studies Association (IASA) is devoted to the interdisciplinary study of the culture, history, literature, sociology, demography, folklore, and politics of Italians in America. Among our members are the most noted professional authorities as well as enthusiastic lay persons. IASA uses scientific and scholarly methods as it seeks to explore and disseminate authentic information and interpretation of the wide-ranging experiences of Italians in America.

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