Welcome to the Fall 2023 issue. I hope that your semester has gone well. And if it hasn't, I hope you can find some glimmers in these articles, like those that struggled in the past also found. The past can sometimes seem like a grim place, the articles in this issue show that it had its moments of positive connection and highlights those who took a stand against injustice.

The first article, Jewel Smith's “Lucy Sheldon's Music Books and Student Artifacts: A Cultural Glance at Litchfield Female Academy and Ninteenth-Century Litchfield, Connecticut” also provides the cover image of some of the written sheet music. Smith brings a musician and historian's perspective on Connecticut's well-beloved institution. Read closely and you may be able to hear snippets of the songs that were the soundtrack for these young women's education.

The second article, Stephen Arel-Klein's “General Affections: Griffin Alexander Stedman and Romantic Friendships...

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