The purpose of this inquiry was to examine the 2010 reflections of experienced teachers (N = 7) on their past perceptions of induction as documented in Conway (2001). Research questions included: (a) How do participants describe their reactions to a present-day examination of 1999/2000 data (journals, individual and focus group interviews, and two questionnaires) and findings? and (b) What can this reflective examination from experienced teachers reveal about current trends in beginning teacher induction and professional development? New data collected in 2010 included participant email survey responses and individual interviews. Findings suggest: (a) Induction and professional development are still inconsistent in the field; (b) Participants now focus more on students in their teaching; (c) Participants feel as if they "understand schools" better now than they did as beginning teachers; and (d) the notion that music content is necessary in induction and professional development was an inconsistent issue between participants.

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