The purpose of this study was to understand the nature of applied music instruction in partial replication of an earlier study by Duke and Simmons (2006). Our study was designed to explore whether teaching characteristics were evident in a different population of teachers and students and we examined 14 hours of video recordings of lessons given to students by three experienced applied teachers at a state university (n = 13). Comparing the previously reported narrative descriptions of Duke and Simmons, our findings showed some behaviors from the Duke and Simmons study were evident, with similar rates of frequency. Additionally identified were seven new elements, all of which were evident across three teachers. Teachers in our study behaved differently to teachers in the earlier study (Duke & Simmons, 2006) in terms of the specificity and type of intervention within lessons. Our teachers were concrete in their comments, and the types of scaffolding strategies they employed were side coaching and short demonstrations.

Implications for future research and teaching effectiveness are discussed.

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