Music teachers are exposed to work-related stressors sufficient to negatively impact their mental health, and both the COVID-19 pandemic and culture wars have amplified the likelihood of teacher-targeted bullying and harassment. However, LGBTQ+ teachers have been historically more likely to experience workplace discrimination, and they may be even more at risk since the advent of the third wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in the United States. Given the absence of a body of LGBTQ+ music teacher mental health research, the purpose of this review of literature was to examine teacher mental health, music teacher mental health, LGBTQ+ teacher mental health, and LGBTQ+ music teacher studies to reveal the threats to mental health that LGBTQ+ music teachers may encounter as a result of their work. I draw upon microaggressive stress theory to consider the ways that harassment and discrimination can lead to mental distress. Recommendations to prevent such stressors include implementing microintervention education and expanding access to mentorship, support groups, and mental health care. Future research is needed to determine the extent that microaggressive stress negatively impacts LGBTQ+ teachers. Studies of microintervention curricula are also needed to determine if such strategies are beneficial to reduce microaggressive stress for those in educational contexts.

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