The purpose of this study was to examine current trends regarding citation frequencies in music education research journals. Through a quasi-replication of the Hamann and Lucas (1998) journal eminence study, each reference in all articles of four nationally distributed publications (Journal of Research in Music Education, Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education, Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, and Contributions to Music Education) over 6 years (2014–2019) were recorded, resulting in 18,401 total citations. Final tabulations recorded an increase in overall cited journals (576 to 1,451) and an increase in cited music journals (134 to 149). The 15 most cited journals in music education and adjacent research fields were ranked and grouped into three tiers. As scholarship and publication remain both essential and rewarding duties for music education scholars, the ability to inform their supervisors of the perceived eminence for their published work can be crucial evidence for tenure or promotion.

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