The purpose of this study was to identify common characteristics among expert teachers in beginning band settings. Three subjects were observed across three consecutive classes for a total of approximately 370 minutes. Data sources included on-site and videotape observations, field notes, analysis of instructional goals, and frequency and duration data collected on specified teacher and student behaviors. Organizing field notes using thematic headings revealed that the teachers were proactive in managing student behavior, they prioritized the development of characteristic tones via fundamental concepts of breathing, embouchure, and posture and instrument carriage, and they provided musical models on wind instruments. Twenty-five rehearsal frames were identified and analyzed to determine their instructional targets and the frequency and duration of specified teacher and student behaviors. Pitch Accuracy, Multiple Targets, and Posture/Instrument Carriage were the most frequently observed rehearsal frame target categories. Instructional pace differed from what has been reported in middle school, high school and college settings; subjects talked and modeled for greater proportions, longer durations and lower rates, while students performed for smaller proportions, shorter durations and lower rates than what has been observed in other settings.

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