Walter B. Gulick is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Humanities, and Religious Studies at Montana State University Billings. He is currently editing a book on the philosophy of Michael Polanyi as a festschrift honoring Phil Mullins's excellence as interpreter of Polanyi's thought. Gulick is also trying to complete—after many years—a book on existential meaning as an embodied foundation of meaning in general.

Robert Smid is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Curry College in Milton, MA. His research interests include American philosophy (including and especially the work of Charles Sanders Peirce), comparative philosophy (especially as it pertains to questions of methodology), and political philosophy (as it relates to critiques of democracy). His most recent works seek to construct a justification for democracy from an adaptation of Peircean semiotic.

AJ Turner is a PhD candidate at Drew University working primarily with Catherine Keller and Robert Corrington. His work focuses mostly...

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