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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 44,
Issue 3
September 2023

About the Journal

The American Journal of Theology & Philosophy is a scholarly journal dedicated to the creative interchange of ideas between theologians and philosophers on some of the most critical intellectual and ethical issues of our time. The goal of the AJTP is to promote lively conversation among theologians and philosophers by providing a forum for discussions in the following areas: 1) the interface between theology and philosophy, especially as shaped by American empiricist, naturalist, process, and pragmatist traditions; 2) the development of liberal religious thought in America. Exceptional scholars, such as Gordon Kaufman, John Cobb, Rosemary Radford Ruether, Holmes Rolston III, Robert Neville, Delwin Brown, Wentzel van Huyssteen, Richard Rorty, Nancy Frankenberry, William Dean, Richard Bernstein, Nancy Howell, Daniel Dombrowski, Edward Farley, Victor Anderson, and Linell Cady have challenged us to think in completely new ways about topics that include public theology and American culture, religion and science, ecological spirituality, feminist cosmology and ethics, problems in religious pluralism and inter-disciplinarity, process thought, metaphysical theology, postmodern thought, the viability of historical and contemporary concepts of God, American religious empiricism and pragmatism, creative democracy, and the nature and truth-value of religious language.

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The Institute for American Religious and Philosophical Thought

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The Institute for American Religious and Philosophical Thought (IARPT) is a community of productive scholars with diverse theological and philosophical perspectives. The Institute contributes to the academic study of religion and philosophy through interpretive, critical, and constructive reflections whose principal focus is on distinctively American religious and philosophical thought. It fosters broad discussion of relevant options through its sponsorship of conferences, seminars, workshops, and publications. Prior to June 2012, the organization was known as The Highlands Institute for American Religious and Philosophical Thought.

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