This paper examines the redactional intentions of MT Jeremiah concerning the Oracles against the Nations (OANs) by comparing the OANs in MT Jeremiah with those in LXX Jeremiah. Since the OANs are the most conspicuous difference between the MT and LXX versions of Jeremiah, this study will contribute to the understanding of the formation and messages of the book of Jeremiah. In light of space limitations, this paper focuses on three major differences: (1) different placement of the OAN block, (2) different ordering of the nations within the OAN block, and (3) the redactions closely related to the OANs in MT Jer 25 (LXX 25:1–13, 32:1–24) and 45 (LXX 51:31–35). The three areas of comparison show that the redactor of MT Jeremiah repositioned, rearranged, and redacted the OANs and relevant chapters in order to promote a more positive outcome at the end of the book and to create the tripartite structure of judgment against Jerusalem (chs. 26–44), then the nations (chs. 45–49), and then Babylon (chs. 50–51). The move toward an emphasis on the judgment of the nations and finally of Babylon, the destroyer of Jerusalem, at the end of the book leads to a hopeful expectation of Judah's restoration. In the positive immediate literary context, the release of King Jehoiachin at the end of the book functions as a more explicit sign of future restoration.

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