In this article I argue that the term עיפה in Amos 4:13 is related to the West Semitic term for “winged sun disk” found, inter alia, in the Phoenician Yeḥawmilk stele (KAI 10), and in the Late Egyptian Semitic loanword ʿpy. This proposal, as I will show, suggests a new understanding of the balanced poetic structure of Amos 4:13 (the first of the so-called doxologies in Amos) and, furthermore, allows one to perceive its unique refraction of the motif “deity–mountain–winged sun disk”—a juxtaposition of images that is widely attested in ancient Near Eastern texts and iconography. In the final part of the article, I discuss how this new evidence comports with the use of solar imagery elsewhere in the Hebrew Bible and show that the usage in Amos 4:13 is particularly close to that found in wisdom writings.

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