The present study argues for a new interpretation of the expression “fishers of humans” that is sensitive to current understandings of intertextuality, narrative, and metaphor. “Fishers of humans” is treated as a metaphorical expression, being viewed through the apposite lenses of the Contemporary Theory of Metaphor (CTM) and Conceptual Blending Theory (CBT). Both theories emphasize the role of a metaphorical expression's immediate context, and thus the Markan narrative is analyzed closely; intratextuality is valued over intertextuality. Metaphor is seen to enhance not just the Markan characterization of the Twelve but also a historical construction that takes into consideration their emergence in Jesus' public career. By way of CTM, the expression's underlying conceptual metaphor is deduced as a proclaimer of the kingdom is a fisher. Further, the evocation of transformed social identity is affirmed by an application of CBT.

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