This article reconstructs the possible Hebrew Vorlage of a plus in 2 Kgs (4 Kgdms) 13:22 in the LXXL, which describes the extent of Hazael's conquests in the days of Joahaz of Israel (MT: Jehoahaz). This part appears to have once formed a set with 2 Kgs 13:25a to provide concrete information on the region, particularly the cities that were recovered by Joash, son of Joahaz, as described in v. 25. Hence, the Hebrew text could be reconstructed as ויקח חזאל מידו את הערים מכנרת עד ים הערבה. The form ἀλλόϕυλον in the LXXL may reflect the Vorlage in which הערים was corrupted to הערלים and then emended as פלישתים. The historical authenticity of the information in the reconstructed text is subsequently investigated by comparing it with other passages in the book of Kings, which are similar in theme and structure. The analysis shows that this plus is most probably editorial, added by the editor who is also responsible for the passage in 2 Kgs 10:33; 13:7; 14:25a. The common feature in these editorial passages is the expansion of the existing passages (2 Kgs 10:32; 13:3, 25a; 14:28) with concrete information in order to accentuate the vicissitude of the Jehuite dynasty in the history of the kingdom of Israel.

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