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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 142,
Issue 2
June 2023

About the Journal

The Journal of Biblical Literature (JBL) is a quarterly periodical that promotes critical and academic biblical scholarship. Bringing the highest level of technical expertise to bear on the canon, cognate literature, and the historical matrix of the Bible, JBL has stood as the flagship journal of biblical studies for more than a century. The articles published in JBL reflect the diverse methods and approaches pursued by members of the Society of Biblical Literature around the globe.

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The Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) supports the critical investigation of the Bible. Founded in 1880, the SBL is a member of the American Council of Learned Societies. A simple yet comprehensive statement encompasses the Society’s aspirations: to foster biblical scholarship. To that end, the Society provides, through its various meetings and publications, conversation partners and resources for those interested in the religions, history, literature, and culture of the ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean worlds. Over 7,000 members from every continent provide a forum to test ideas and advance the understanding of the Bible’s role in the public arena.

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