The place and role of women in Christianity have been marked by dynamic experiences in Nigeria. It is suffice to note that the gender paradigm at the advent of Christianity in Nigeria is no longer tenable. This is due mainly to the influence of culture as a potent negotiating tool for women in the church. Presently, women have gained remarkable visibility in the church in Nigeria through roles including presiding clergy, church founders, choir leaders and church council members to mention a few.

However, a new dimension to the experience of women in their interaction with the divine is the Daughters of Deborah International Ministry, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. The ministry provides avenues for women from the three broad divisions of churches in Nigeria to access the divine. These classifications of churches are: Orthodox/Mission, African Independent, and Pentecostal/Charismatic churches. DODIM as the ministry is known creates forum of meetings for women from these different churches in a non-structural setting. Again, these forums are managed by women for women focussing mainly on women issues. This provides a rare opportunity for women solidarity, networking and experience sharing in Christianity.

Methodology for this paper will be phenomenological with interviews and participant observations as tools of research. This paper attempts to contribute significantly to literature on women in religion in Nigeria.

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