The Methodist Insurance Company Ltd has been and still is an important institution in the Methodist denomination in Great Britain. Founded in 1933 following the merger of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, the Primitive Methodist Church, and the United Methodist Church the previous year, it was the result of amalgamating the insurance funds of those three denominations.

This history will prove as definitive as the author’s study of the financing of John Wesley’s Methodism. In comparison with this volume, W. Russell Shearer’s 1972 account, Century of Service, looks decidedly superficial.

Even in John Wesley’s day some chapels had a fire insurance policy, including Wesley’s City Road, London chapel. To bring this business in-house and to funnel a share of the profits into the denomination, three funds were set up between 1866 and 1888 to offer insurance against the risk of fire to Methodist chapels. While the Wesleyan and the Primitive...

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