This article examines the connections between social perfectibility and individual identity through George Orwell’s famous non-place “Oceania” in 1984 (1949). It is argued that “Ingsoc” Party members see reality filtered through “collective solipsism,” which is a mirage that is superimposed upon the material state of affairs in individual perception by the augmentation of every individual’s environment with constant feedback from the social superstructure. Thus, perceptions, memories, and possibly even personalities are constructed situationally as fit for the superstructure. Due to the constantly intensifying regress of cognitive and material enabling factors, this “collective delusion” will detach itself from the material realm completely in 2050 when individual consciousness fully dissolves into Big Brother’s super-mind. 1984 thus depicts a dystopian-utopian, “blackwhite” society on the “event horizon” to a “singularity,” which will emerge when the state or collective becomes an absolute and no traces of private life remain.

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