Joseph Déjacque (1821–1865) wrote L'Humanisphère, the first ever anarchist utopia in French, while he was exiled to New Orleans in 1857. One can read his utopia as a transatlantic log, recording in an oblique and literary fashion the main ports of call of his journey as a political exile from 1848 revolutionary France. His stays in London, Jersey, New York, and New Orleans, between 1852 and 1861, as both a revolutionary socialist and a destitute paperhanger, shaped his “anarchic utopia.” It is suffused with avenging wrath and built on the violence of insurrection; but it is set among luxurious furnishings, which adorn its gentle-mannered parlors. I will show how Fourier's harmonious world of passional attraction was reshaped across the Atlantic by a revolutionary proletarian.

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