A conversation with Karma R. Chávez, Julia Gutierrez, Charles Preston, and Craig Willse.

In July 2016, to capture a snapshot of the scope of justice-centered teaching and learning at colleges and universities, and to build shared analysis, Therese Quinn and Erica R. Meiners spoke with four organizers about their participation in movements on their public university campuses:1

At this political moment, like many others before, campuses across the United States and beyond are rising up. From Mizzou (University of Missouri), Eastern Michigan University, and East Tennessee State, to West Point and the universities of Puerto Rico, campus mobilizations mirror struggles in our streets and offer insights into the ways communities coalesce, identify their contours, debate, and dissent.

While these movements are often constructed as outside of “real” classroom learning, and sometimes even as “disruptive” and distractions to the actual work of higher education, we argue that these mobilizations...

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