In recent years, NT scholars have recognized the idea of "theosis" or "deification" within the pages of various NT writings. To date, however, little to nothing has been written about theosis in 1 Peter. This article seeks to fill the lacuna. For the author of 1 Peter, conformity to the holiness of God is the telos of the Christian community. The community is called to fulfill the purposes of Israel by embodying God's holiness and, thereby, leading the nations to worship God. For the author of 1 Peter, however, the content of God's holiness is defined by the pattern of Christ. In other words, the community will be conformed to the image of God by imitating Christ's example. As in Pauline theology, Christosis is theosis. The author also affirms that conformity to God's holiness is accomplished corporately by means of divine enablement. It is as Israel, not as individuals, that they fulfill their telos. And it is only because they have been regenerated and continually nourished by the "living and enduring word of God" (1:23) that the community can be conformed into the image of God revealed through Christ.

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