This essay explores a reading of the book of Revelation in light of the missio Dei. This sort of missional hermeneutic involves reading the Apocalypse, first, as a witness to the mission of God. Revelation testifies to God's redemptive purpose largely through telling a number of interrelated stories, including the stories of creation and new creation, redemption through the slaughtered Lamb, judgment, and the people of God. Second, the Apocalypse serves as an instrument of the missio Dei, equipping its audience to participate in that divine mission. God's people are called both to distance themselves from "Babylon" and to engage the world through costly, prophetic witness. John's climactic vision of the New Jerusalem gives the church the perspective from which to live in the present as a faithful missional community. Finally, a missional reading of Revelation fosters the church's participation in the mission of God today.

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