The stimulating academic conversations regarding the theological interpretation of Scripture notwithstanding, theological interpretation occurs regularly in the "retail market" of local congregations as the Scriptures are preached and taught. No less than the academic community, congregations need to be reminded of the theological nature and thrust of Scripture and, consequently, of the theological ground and goal of interpretation. Contemporary homiletics has yearned after imaginative and creative resources of all sorts while often overlooking the creative, imaginative character of Scripture itself which could fund lively preaching. The parish's demands for weekly sermons and lessons can subtly shape the preacher/teacher/exegete into a consumer of usable texts, an understandable occupational hazard, but the faithful reader is invited to "abide" in the text as one who listens patiently before rushing into production with marketable meanings. The word that needs be spoken need not be wrested from Scripture; that word was and is addressed to local worshipping communities. Like every other human enterprise, theological interpretation is meant for the glorification and enjoyment of God.

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