While Rom 8 has attracted an enormous amount of scholarly attention, Paul's citation of Ps 44:22 in Rom 8:36 has all but escaped the gaze of New Testament scholars. In this essay, a critical survey of prevailing interpretations of Rom 8:36 will suggest that Ps 44:22 must be placed in the context of Paul's argument about participation in Christ in Rom 5–8. Because Rom 8:31–39 displays the features of a peroratio, the passage is explored as such. One of the primary functions of a peroratio was to recapitulate the previous argument. Tracing the argument of Rom 5–8 it is argued here that Paul employs a “logic of participation” that is fundamentally cruciform. Additionally, it is this participation logic that shapes Rom 8:31–39 and the jarring psalm citation. Contrary to previous interpretations, then, this essay argues that Paul's citation of Ps 44 serves a crucial role in recapitulating the logic of participation that pervades Rom 5–8.

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