In this article, I analyze Suzy and Fauna's pedagogical relationship in Sweet Thursday as an example of holistic education. I argue that through this relationship, Steinbeck's holistic worldview is illuminated, a worldview consistent with the ideas of Jiddu Krishnamurti, an educator, thinker, and Steinbeck contemporary. Steinbeck and Krishnamurti's core beliefs about the importance of relationships and the development of the self are central themes of holistic education. Holistic education is informed by ecological thinking and takes into account the student as a whole person in relation to others. In this light I examine Fauna's teaching style and the content of her lessons, which relate to awareness. Once Suzy's awareness is ignited, she grows holistically, extending her potential and becoming more integrated into the community. As she evolves, Suzy personifies Krishnamurti's ideal of developing awareness in relation to the environment. To a lesser extent, but still through a Krishnamurti lens, I examine the character of Doc as another teacher-figure and learner, whose nagging problem of loneliness is resolved through community, reflection, and self-awareness.

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