This article assesses the significance of ChatGPT—Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer as a new tool for Shaw Studies, and provides recommendations to the Beta version. Released on 30 November 2022, ChatGPT has reached 100 million monthly users already in just two months. The potential impact of ChatGPT on Shaw Studies should be reckoned with. To assess this impact of ChatGPT, this article will regard ChatGPT by comparing it to the Shaw Bot developed in-house by our Sagittarius Literature Digitizing project on Bernard Shaw. Basing on the experience gathered when the Shaw Bot was created in the Sagittarius Digitizing Program on Bernard Shaw, this article recognizes the cutting-edge technologies of ChatGPT, and how that can potentially suggest strategic directions to revamp Shaw Studies and performances. At the same time, before ChatGPT becomes a trustworthy tool for Shaw Studies, some bugs have to be fixed.

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