In the latter half of 1930, Bernard Shaw published a revision of the preface to Mrs Warren’s Profession, including a postscript that was an abridged version of a letter of his that had appeared in The Times on 17 February 1930. Both the letter and postscript concern the refusal by the British Board of Film Censors (BBFC) to license a public showing of a motion picture, The Night Patrol, chiefly because one of its principal subjects, like that of Mrs Warren’s Profession, which the Lord Chamberlain had censored for the stage for the same reason in 1898, was prostitution. Only at the end of his letter, does Shaw identify her name: “Miss Baxter.” While some information about Violet Elizabeth (Betty) Baxter (1901–1972) has surfaced since then, this extended footnote to Shaw’s letter and postscript provides more.

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