The plays of Bernard Shaw feature new, sometimes daring ideas intended to jolt audiences of his day into recognizing and improving the multifarious problems of their society. Shaw frequently employs interior authors, characters who create works that in many ways underscore Shaw's own message in the drama, to deliver his strongly held opinions on everything from family life to the Life Force. This article not only considers Shaw's interior authors but also examines the nexus of censorship and modernism in one facet of the plays of the oft-censored Shaw: his creation of characters either who self-censor their own published or highly publicized work or who are censored themselves by their fellow characters. This article identifies Shaw's authors as Mrs. Clandon in You Never Can Tell, John Tanner in Man and Superman, Fanny O'Dowda in Fanny's First Play, the Brothers Barnabas in Back to Methuselah, and the eponymous hero of Saint Joan.

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