His marvelous accomplishment, in solid contribution to thought and light stimulation to gayety, is so immense in volume as to have one explanation: perfect health.

—Archibald Henderson, Bernard Shaw: Playboy and Prophet

His essential healthy-mindedness and peculiar buoyancy never allowed him to sink into [the fin de siècle writers'] bogs of glorified decay, [and] the very mention of his name seems to clear the poisoned air a little.

—Maurice Colbourne, The Real Bernard Shaw
Beguiling a Victorian public obsessed with the pursuit of fitness, the International Health Exhibition opened in South Kensington in May 1884. Its expressed intent, to educate the public on a broad range of wellness topics, was greatly overshadowed by its dazzling display of proprietary medical commodities, salutary appliances, and faddish cures. While there were legitimate exhibits that dealt sincerely with issues of sanitation, hygiene, food, drink, and even child care, the event illuminated the extent to...

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