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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 43,
Issue 2
October 2023

About the Journal

SHAW ’s perspective is Bernard Shaw and his milieu. As “his life, work, and friends”—the subtitle to a biography of GBS—indicates, it is impossible to study the life, thought, and work of a major literary figure in a vacuum. Issues and people, economics, politics, religion, theater, and literature and journalism—the entirety of the two half centuries the life of GBS spanned—was his assumed province. SHAW, published biannually, welcomes articles that either explicitly or implicitly add to or alter our understanding of Shaw and his milieu.

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The International Shaw Society seeks to “provide a means for those interested in the life, times, works, and career of Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw and his circle to organize their activities and interests, exchange information and ideas, and promote an interest in Shaw worldwide.

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