The best edition for Boswell’s Hypochondriack, the series of seventy essays published anonymously in the London Magazine from October 1777 to August 1783, remains that of Margery Bailey (2 vols., Stanford University Press, 1928). In 2010 I published a gathering of thirty-three items, supplementing her copious and generally accurate annotations.1 I now can add eighteen more items: four published since 2010 (including two corrections of my original list) and fourteen new items.2

No. 10 (July 1778), 1.172—“Carry along the metaphor, and it will appear that the Truth must be proportioned to the mind, and therefore if you will have your children rightly instructed, you must take the measure of their minds, a phrase used by Mr. John Home, though in a different sense.”

Bailey’s note: “Boswell is perhaps misquoting from memory a line of Douglas (4.1.25): ‘Men’s minds are temper’d, like their swords, for war.’ I...

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